Client Case Studies

Increasing Top-Line Revenues for Our Clients

Browse Sceptre hospitality case studies, reflecting our years of success in revenue-generating systems, services and strategies. Learn more about how Sceptre can maximize your hotel reservations, sales and marketing efforts, and manage revenue with our marketing and distribution services.

Case Study: Capturing Untapped Opportunities

Hotel Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach, California

Capturing untapped opportunity, Sceptre implemented efficient, expedient, and highly focused GDS, website and consortia marketing strategies to increase room nights by 15 % in the first three months.

Hotel Huntington Beach became a Sceptre client in the fourth quarter of 2009. The hotel had issues with the previous GDS provider in getting negotiated rates loaded correctly and overall sales initiatives were lacking. The hotel’s primary source of rooms came from the leisure segment, although the hotel is located near several large corporations.

Sceptre services implemented several initiatives with the hotel. The Director of Sales was provided the tools to begin capturing business and government travel segments. Sceptre implemented consortia marketing and loaded and mapped negotiated rates that the hotel has in their website booking tool and the GDS. This channel optimization allowed website booking of groups, special events and promotional opportunities.

After only three months, Sceptre delivered performance results and continues to do so: the hotel saw a 15% increase in room night bookings for 4th quarter 2009 over 2008. Hotel Huntington Beach has also driven more revenue from website booking and is utilizing marketing and sales promotions and advertising. 

  • Marked increase in business travelers on weekdays and leisure travelers on weekends
  • Increased room night bookings 15% in first 3 months
  • Website booking channel has allowed groups, special events and promotional opportunities

Case Study: Leveraging Robust Web Booking Technology

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge
Fairbanks, Alaska

Transforming dependency on an old PMS system which lost business to Expedia and surrounding hotels, Sceptre ushered in new website booking technology and delivered $8,000 in room revenue in the first 30 days.

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge was in built in 2000 with major additions and upgrades in 2007 and 2009. The hotel is centrally located and well positioned for both leisure and business segments. Sceptre evaluated the competition and found that even the independent hotels were utilizing advanced website booking tools. Travel agent production for the hotel showed Expedia to be in the top 10 and customers appeared to be leaving Pike’s Waterfront website to make their reservations with Pike’s Waterfront needed an upgrade and the capability to implement booking specials. Sceptre identified significant opportunities to remediate the lost revenues by implementing operational efficiencies, applying sales and marketing strategies and expanding the hotel’s account base into new markets through new robust web booking technology and consultation on booking specials and creating dynamic packaging strategies.

Sceptre’s trial period started in April 2010 and will end August 2010. The hotel received 29 reservations with 57 room nights equating to over $8,000 in room revenue within the first 30 days of implementing Sceptre website booking tool. The hotel has demonstrated a consistent increase in total revenue since April 2010 vs. the same time period in 2009. 

  • Hotel gained over $8,000 in room revenue in first 30 days
  • Increase in 29 reservations over 2009
  • Increase in 57 room nights over 2009

Case Study: Leading Independent in Brand-Saturated University Market

The Glidden House
Cleveland, Ohio

Using focused revenue management strategies, digital marketing prowess, and lifestyle branding expertise to evolve a struggling historic mansion into a premier boutique hotel.

After years of ineffective revenue management strategies, weak sales, and a poor reputation in the marketplace, Richfield took over the management of The Glidden House in 2003. Richfield utilized Sceptre to implement a revenue management program, market channel utilization, local negotiated rate agreements and social media programs. The services focused on generating increased revenue from multiple yet highly relevant sources such as repeat guests and key accounts including neighboring Case Western Reserve University. Redefining the hotel’s brand image was also critical to repositioning the hotel as the area’s market leader.

With its newfound positioning and expanded sales targets improving revenue streams, The Glidden House is ranked first among its competitive set. They achieved a RevPAR index of 145% for 2009 and 147% for year to date April 2010. Richfield also delivered improved brand awareness and positioning through the implementation of highly targeted social media campaigns and optimized local market channels that conveyed the right message to the right audience at the right time in the right place.

  • Ranked #1 within competitive set
  • Achieved a RevPAR index of 145% in ‘09
  • Achieved a RevPAR index of 147% YTD ‘10
  • Demonstrated increased aided and unaided brand awareness

Case Study: Driving Revenue with Vacation Packages

Newport Beach Hotel & Resort
Miami Beach, Florida

Sceptre implements a strategy to increase profitability in a down turn economy and generated $80,000 in room and ancillary revenue with spa and vacation packages.

Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort is a 318-room oceanfront resort with 18,000 square feet of meeting space in North Miami Beach, Florida. Newport Beach Hotel & Resort also operates as a timeshare resort. Competitive hotels consist of independent and branded full service resorts. In 2009 and early 2010 the hotel faced declines in demand and revenue. Ownership had committed to upgrading the resort by renovating public areas, rooms and adding a new Aveda concept spa with the expectation of improved profitability. The Miami market had been strong but late 2009 and 2010 pace was off considerably and strong discounting and merchant program participation had drastically impacted rate integrity. 

Sceptre focused on creating a strategy to increase overall profitability through channel optimization, improved stay patterns and increased ancillary revenue. These strategies focused on capitalizing on the new spa through inclusive packaging and on expanding the hotel’s marketing and pricing strategies to include vacation packages. Advance purchase rate strategies were implemented to increase early bookings from direct channels. New inclusive spa packages were launched to capture incremental revenue and build awareness. Sceptre implemented weekly revenue calls to define, monitor and improve pricing and distribution strategies. 

Newport Beach Hotel & Resort experienced an increased average length of stay from January to May 2010. Spa inclusive packages generated nearly $80,000 in room and ancillary revenue. Property electronic revenue increased 4.8% year over year through May. 

  • Increased average length of stay
  • Spa inclusive packages generated nearly $80,000 in five months
  • Property electronic revenue increased 4.8% year over year through May

Case Study: Revenue Management for New Build Hotels

Four Points by Sheraton Ontario - Rancho Cucamonga
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Tactical business decision to hire a seasoned management group to overcome a delayed opening, missed tactical business deadlines, and competition with other new builds proved key in bringing an impressive 140% RevPAR Index to the property in its first six months.

The Four Points by Sheraton Ontario - Rancho Cucamonga opened in June 2009. The hotel had faced a delayed opening, construction and funding issues, missed several key business deadlines and had other new builds in the area competing for demand. Richfield began managing the hotel in its second month and at the time the hotel did not have a dedicated sales team and pre-opening marketing efforts had not included a revenue management plan or to establishment of local negotiated rates. Richfield immediately implemented Sceptre revenue management strategies by integrating market channel utilization, establishing local negotiated rate agreements and utilizing brand resources for revenue management, including packaging and rate plans.

Sceptre implemented a successful social media strategy and identified market segments to target for lower demand periods, as well as opportunities for additional new local negotiated business. The hotel achieved over 140% RevPAR index within the first six months of opening and ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for popularity. The hotel continues to rate highly in performance and guest satisfaction.

  • Achieved over 140% RevPAR index within first 6 months of opening
  • Hotel is positioned #1 of 9 hotels in the popularity index in TripAdvisor
  • Successful implementation of revenue management strategies

Case Study: Online Marketing Strategy and Going Independent

Long Beach, California

Transformed mid-scale chain hotel to a profitable lifestyle boutique property, Sceptre turns lost revenue from de-flagging into an impressive independent property.

The hotel CURRENT became a Sceptre client in November 2009. The hotel was formerly branded as Guesthouse International – a midscale chain with about 60 total properties. The hotel underwent extensive renovation and was repositioned as a lifestyle, boutique property. The hotel CURRENT has lost some business from de-flagging, lack of marketing and was challenged with launching its new identity.

Sceptre helped the hotel team formulate a comprehensive online reputation and aggressive marketing strategy. Sceptre implemented a website booking tool, demand-generated yielding strategies and overall online marketing strategies delivering $27,000 in room revenue in the first three months. The renovation, strong online presence and improved service program continue to minimize any previous negative reviews and increase the frequency and reliability of reviews. Sceptre has produced measurable month-over-month increases in the property’s website bookings.

  • Delivered $27,000 in room revenue from new booking engine in first three months
  • Generated month-over-month increases in website bookings
  • Comprehensive online reputation established in first five months