Rich Media Communication Platform


As an interactive communications and analytics platform, MotionNotes makes it easy to create, distribute and track personalized multimedia messages without costly production, programming or IT resources. MotionNotes brings video and interaction into your hotel communication via rich, multimedia messages and video introductions, which can be recorded and sent with presentations, picture slideshows and Flash movies.

Hotels can use this technology to deliver automated responses to inquiries and to allow site visitors to send video postcards directly from the site. The MotionNote will deliver the recorded video message along with appropriate hotel information. This digital communication system also offers hoteliers the option of using QR codes. Thus, hotels can “connect” specific video messages to boost print ads, menus, manuals, tours, and other non-digital efforts. The QR code is automatically generated and provides detailed activity reports related to each message generated.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns    

Reporting that Measures Engagement

QR Code Links

  • Video greetings
  • Slideshow and video attachments
  • Document Attachments
  • Send via email
  • Dedicated campaign URLs
  • Message views
  • Media views and completions
  • Forwards and replies
  • Create a QR Code
  • Range of sizes
  • Use for on-property promotions
  • Use in print promotions
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Video Brochures

Rich Media Confirmations

Interactive Sales Tool

  • Respond to guest inquiries with video and other attachments
  • Ideal for Event and Group Sales
  • A unique way to confirm a reservation
  • Engage the guest with friendly face
  • Send proposals and contracts with rich media
  • Include document attachements
  • Track receipt and use including downloads and forwarding
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