Hotel Analytics with HotelIQ

Business Intelligence

Sceptre offers innovative business intelligence to give your hotel sales team traction. If your sales team is spending too much time working on reports, updating spreadsheets, and maintaining sales data and account files, we have the tactics to help streamline their efforts. 

HotelIQ, Sceptre’s innovative and dynamic analytics, reporting and dash boarding tool, brings advanced business science to hotel management in an easy-to-understand fashion for all levels within an organization. HotelIQ empowers hotel enterprises in the way they formulate decisions in market strategy, sales, marketing, branding, revenue management, distribution, budgeting and forecasting.

A Decision Science System    

Wide Variety of Data Sources

Operations Insights

  • Forecasted & Historic Performance Measurement
  • Multi-dimensional & Customizable
  • Scalable to Properties, Portfolios & Brands
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Statistical Analyst Benchmarked to Industry Best Practices
  • PMS and/or CRS
  • Sales, Marketing and Finance
  • STR and Competitive Pricing
  • Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Consumer Satisfaction data sources
  • High-level and granular analytics

Revenue Management with 360-Degree Visibility

Sales and Marketing Decisions Based on Facts and Science

Regional or Corporate Aggregate Views

  • RM professionals are empowered into knowledge workers and strategists
  • RM professionals expand contributions to total asset revenue managment
  • Proactive, future-reporting
  • Campaigns can be designed to capture the highest ROI
  • Provides details campaign performance measurement
  • Optimize your sales deployment and sales decisions
  • Make RFP negotiations more effective
  • Make account management more intelligent
  • Enterprise-ready infrastructure
  • Provides aggregate views of portfolio
  • Accommodates both corporate and regional associates

This is Hotel Business Intelligence

HotelIQ by Intelligent Hospitality brings revolutionary reporting and analytics to hotel Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, Distribution and more. Learn more about HotelIQ.