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Mark Wanner Joins SHR as Chief Operations Officer

January 20, 2015

Mark Wanner

HOUSTON, TX – Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today announced the addition of Mark Wanner as Chief Operations Officer. In this role, Wanner will oversee the company’s technology strategy, distribution platforms, and end-to-end operations for SHR.

“SHR’s growth demands the strengthening of our software development and operational processes as we embark on an ambitious expansion path in 2015. Mark brings very relevant experience that will allow our company to continue to grow without jeopardizing our ability to give our clients solid technology supported by knowledgeable and experienced staff,” commented Rod Jimenez, SHR’s CEO. He added that “this key addition to our management team will also allow Dayang Dai, our Chief Software Architect, to focus his efforts on innovation and the continuous evolution of the WindsurferCRS distribution platform.” (more…)

SHR’s WindsurferCRS had exceptional year in 2014—Made major improvements to help hotels meet and exceed their revenue goals

January 7, 2015

WindsurferCRS 2014

Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, reflects on the impact of its WindsurferCRS in 2014. The industry-leading Central Reservations System underwent many enhancements and feature releases in 2014 to better serve hotels and their guests.

With the release of TopSail™, the responsive Internet Booking Engine from SHR, the first real shopping cart experience was available to guests when booking single hotel stays and multiple stay itineraries. TopSail™ also revolutionized the mobile experience with features such as Call to Continue™ and Save for Later that made conversion even easier for the mobile user. (more…)

Farewell, 2014. Hello, 2015.

December 30, 2014

It is hard to believe that 2014 has come and gone. While the industry was busy figuring out the next mergers & acquisitions move, the team at SHR remained focused on improving the WindsurferCRS distribution platform, strengthening our team, and partnering with our clients to provide solutions that address their specific needs:

  • TopSail™, a brand new responsive Booking Engine, was launched.
  • New rates and packages features that enhance the booking experience in the GDS, OTAs, as well as the hotel’s Booking Engine were released.
  • Better reports were unveiled.
  • Better group functionality was made available.
  • Third-party integrations with ReeVoo, Flip.to, NOR1, Serenata, and Duetto, among others, were added.

Our team grew significantly to better serve our clients and we are ready to tackle 2015 and continue to deliver the best technology, service, and expertise in the hospitality industry.

Firms in the hotel inventory distribution area have been at the center of a lot of the M&A activity seen in 2014, and new entrants have announced their incursions in the field. (more…)

SHR Announces Partnership with Flip.to, Helps Hotels Increase Marketing Reach and Generate New Guests

December 19, 2014

Flip.toSceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today announced its partnership with Flip.to, the brand advocate platform for hotels that turns hotel guests into a trusted extension of the hotel’s marketing force, boosting brand awareness and earning new guests around the world.

With the integration, users of SHR’s WindsurferCRS who have deployed TopSail™ or the HTML booking engine can take advantage of Flip.to services. When the integration is activated by a property, existing guests now become influential brand advocates for the hotel, using their massive social reach to encourage friends and family worldwide to visit the hotel’s website and become future guests. (more…)

Hotel Revenue Management and the Value of Internal Intelligence

December 16, 2014

By Sarah Jones, Director of Revenue Management and Special Projects

Formulating a hotel’s (or any) revenue strategy can be complex. Then again, it doesn’t have to be.  Simple strategies may translate into many tasks or complicated tasks for the Revenue Management team to deploy; however the end goal remains simple – maximize the business’s potential. (more…)

It’s Time for the Booking Widget to Go the Way of the Dinosaur

November 6, 2014

By Rodrigo Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer, SHR

Our industry tends to create “best practices” and stick with them forever, regardless of changes in technology and trends that would merit their evolution. So it has been with the directive to have a booking widget on every page of a hotel’s web site, which originated over a decade ago.

Back then, this practice made sense—actually a lot of sense—in a world where the web site and booking engine lived in completely separate environments. The booking widget emerged as the very convenient bridge between those separate environments. Given the limitations we had to live with, the widget was not a bad compromise. It allowed a guest to enter the basic parameters of a reservation – check-in date, number of nights, number of rooms, etc – and clicking on “check availability” would load a booking engine with those parameters pre-populated. That was the extent of the magic. But we don’t live with those limitations any more. It is time for the hotel web site to evolve.


SHR’s Holger Bause Featured as Guest Author for Hotel Business Review

October 30, 2014

Holger BauseHolger Bause, Senior Software Engineer – Innovation Team, was featured as a guest author this month for Hotel Business Review. Read a preview of his article below and head on over to HotelExecutive.com for more.

The Evolution and Impact of Location Services Technology on the Hospitality Industry

Today, there are an estimated 162 million smartphones in use in the United States alone, with a projected 220 million by 2018. Most, if not all of those smartphones are able to utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate the current position of the smartphone and therefore the smartphone user.

The most common use cases surrounding location based services and smartphones require the desire of the user to find a place, service, or store, preferably close to the current position of the user. Established way-finding tools, maps, and step-by-step directions then guide the user to the desired location. Additional information such as travel time and traffic conditions also help the user in the decision making process. (more…)

From the Other Side: A look at How Guests View Rate Distribution & Online Experiences with Hotels

October 10, 2014

By Drew Rosser, Vice President of Sales

This certainly isn’t the time to be confusing to your online shoppers. You must be clear about your rate structure and show added value when it’s being offered. Show your hotel in its best light with good images, and creative, clear rate and room type description copy.

With so many options out there these days for people to search for and book hotel rooms there’s no wonder why so many would-be-travelers get confused when doing their online research. There are nearly as many sites out there to book a hotel as there are rooms at the hotel. Between the hotel’s own site, online travel agencies, and destination specific sites, an online shopper can easily get confused. So why make matters worse with a confusing convoluted rate structure, poor room type images, and bad descriptive copy? (more…)

SHR Welcomes Sarah Jones as Director of Revenue Management & Special Projects

October 7, 2014

Sarah JonesHOUSTON, TX, October 7, 2014– Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today announced the addition of Sarah Jones as Director of Revenue Management Services & Special Projects.

In this role, Jones will oversee operations of the Revenue Management for Hire service offered by SHR. SHR provides outsourced revenue management for hotels of all sizes and brand affiliations. Jones will also take on special projects related to other SHR products such as WindsurferCRS. (more…)

Do you know the impact of your hotel’s online reviews?

September 25, 2014

By Abbie Deaver, Marketing Manager

By now, every hotelier has heard about the importance of online reviews. You know that negative reviews can impact your ranking on various Online Travel Agency sites or even your placement on search engines. With this in mind, you make sure you respond to each negative review in hopes to reclaim the loyalty of the customer and protect your brand image. But do you fully understand the impact that positive reviews have on your property as well? (more…)

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