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From the Other Side: A look at How Guests View Rate Distribution & Online Experiences with Hotels

October 10, 2014

By Drew Rosser, Vice President of Sales

This certainly isn’t the time to be confusing to your online shoppers. You must be clear about your rate structure and show added value when it’s being offered. Show your hotel in its best light with good images, and creative, clear rate and room type description copy.

With so many options out there these days for people to search for and book hotel rooms there’s no wonder why so many would-be-travelers get confused when doing their online research. There are nearly as many sites out there to book a hotel as there are rooms at the hotel. Between the hotel’s own site, online travel agencies, and destination specific sites, an online shopper can easily get confused. So why make matters worse with a confusing convoluted rate structure, poor room type images, and bad descriptive copy? (more…)

SHR Welcomes Sarah Jones as Director of Revenue Management & Special Projects

October 7, 2014

Sarah JonesHOUSTON, TX, October 7, 2014– Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today announced the addition of Sarah Jones as Director of Revenue Management Services & Special Projects.

In this role, Jones will oversee operations of the Revenue Management for Hire service offered by SHR. SHR provides outsourced revenue management for hotels of all sizes and brand affiliations. Jones will also take on special projects related to other SHR products such as WindsurferCRS. (more…)

Do you know the impact of your hotel’s online reviews?

September 25, 2014

By Abbie Deaver, Marketing Manager

By now, every hotelier has heard about the importance of online reviews. You know that negative reviews can impact your ranking on various Online Travel Agency sites or even your placement on search engines. With this in mind, you make sure you respond to each negative review in hopes to reclaim the loyalty of the customer and protect your brand image. But do you fully understand the impact that positive reviews have on your property as well? (more…)

Putting Your Best Face Forward: GDS HOD Best Practices

August 27, 2014

By: Eric Gourdie, CRME, Client Experience Manager

The Global Distribution System is a significant source of reservations and income for hotels. Both leisure and corporate travel agents use it to search and book hotels. Many Online Travel Agency websites also use the GDS for inventory and rates; therefore, it is very important that your GDS Hotel Description (HOD) is as accurate and descriptive as it can be. (more…)

Leveraging Ancillary Revenues – Best Practices from our Revenue Management Team

July 28, 2014

The world of ancillary revenues is constantly growing for hotels. Whether it is on-site parking, in-room wireless internet, spa services, a food and beverage outlet or any other number of services, the potential for your hotel to generate revenue beyond just selling rooms is limitless. We gathered our team of revenue management experts and had them explore this ever changing environment to come up with their best practices for leveraging ancillary revenues. (more…)

SHR Offers Sneak Peek of WAYV, a New Location Services App, at HITEC 2014

June 24, 2014

HOUSTON, TX, June 24, 2014– Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR) today announced the development of WAYV, a new location services application for the hospitality industry. The app, scheduled for release later in 2014, can be configured to offer convenient services and special offers based on the guest’s location in relation to the hotel or resort. This not only improves the guest experience, but can also lead to increased revenue for hotels.

“By having access to guest locations, you as a hotelier can offer a better overall hotel experience for each of your guests, while increasing revenue for your hotel. You can offer a more efficient check-in and check-out process, as well as easily promote room upgrades, restaurant specials, or spa services, among other things,” says Jim Whitney, SVP of Innovation for SHR. “WAYV is redefining the guest experience in a way that no other hospitality application has.”

With the guest’s permission, WAYV will know when the guest arrives at key locations defined by the hotel. These “place events” will trigger notifications on the guest’s phone, offering remote automatic check-in or check-out, upgrades, and other offers. Using geofencing and iBeacon technology, the hotel can define and configure these locations and offerings. Geofencing allows the hotel to define larger regions on a map and iBeacons are small, physical devices that emit a blue tooth signal that can be detected by WAYV. When a guest enters a geofence, or passes by an iBeacon, the notification set for that “place event” is triggered.

For more information, contact SHR at info@sceptrehospitality.com or stop by HITEC booth #549 at 2 pm on Wednesday, June 25 for an exclusive sneak peek of this innovative application.

About SHR

Sceptre Hospitality Resources is an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry. The company serves nearly 3,000 properties on its reservation platform, WindsurferCRS. With a focus on flexibility for the hotelier and creating a memorable experience for the guest, WindsurferCRS provides optimal functionality for all types of properties. SHR’s Whiteboard Labs provides custom solutions for the hospitality industry including custom booking engines, website design and development, and cutting edge applications.

Additional information about SHR and hospitality industry trends and tools may be found at the company’s website: sceptrehospitality.com.

SHR Integrates with Merchant Link’s Tokenization Solution

June 13, 2014

Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today announced that it has completed an integration with Merchant Link’s TransactionVault®, a solution that offers tokenization of credit cards, with their WindsurferCRS. The integration ensures that the WindsurferCRS never sees or stores sensitive credit card information. Hotels on the WindsurferCRS platform who have deployed Merchant Link’s TransactionVault® solution will now tokenize all credit card data prior to storage and during transmission, allowing for enhanced security. (more…)

SHR’s Call to Continue™ Impacts Conversion for Hoteliers

June 10, 2014

HOUSTON, TX, June 2014– Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR) today announced the new Call to Continue™ feature within their new Internet Booking Engine, TopSail™.  Given the increase in travel research done via smart phones and tablets, SHR recognizes the need to provide guests with the ability to complete a reservation across devices and across contexts. (more…)

SHR’s Save for Later Feature Aids in Abandonment Recovery

June 3, 2014

HOUSTON, TX, June 3, 2014– Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR) today announced the new Save for Later feature within their new Internet Booking Engine, TopSail™.  It is now common for a guest to research a hotel extensively before booking. Whether it is through review sites such as TripAdvisor or Google Hotel Finder, or by comparing several hotels found on a meta search site, guests are likely to shop around before finalizing a booking.  Keeping this behavior in mind, it is important that a hotel allow a guest to save their shopping cart, providing easy access to complete a booking at a later time. (more…)

Are you engaged with your employer?

May 14, 2014

By Rod Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer, SHR

Do you feel that you are being challenged to use your skills and abilities in new and innovate ways? Does your company foster a culture of transparency and open communication? Do you feel that you are fairly compensated for the work you produce? A recent report published by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), shows that compensation, opportunities to use your skills and abilities, communication and relationships between employees and senior management, and overall corporate culture are all among the top ten factors that employees rate as “very important” to their overall job satisfaction. (more…)

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